RAISE Energy Solutions is the industry leader in the creation of energy efficient
technology in the areas of conservation, generation, storage, and distribution.



Today RAISE Energy Solutions announces

Criteria for Winners

1) Performance specifications with Independent 3rd Party Verification

2) Most effective performance in reduction category

3) ROI less than 18 months – most between 3–9 months depending on cost per KWH

4) Meets or surpasses most common global certification standards

5) Field tested and ready to go



The winners are:

LED RAISE LED – 40% – 90% Energy Savings. Maximum lumen output with lowest wattage and fast ROI – a) 12 watt 1800 lumen 4 foot T8 ballast compatible glass tube with 300 degree light output. b) 7 watt A19 in clear glass replaces 75 watt incandescent
 RESTORE RESTORE 1030 – 2nd Generation PROA with PTFE to permanently remove HVACR and Chiller Oil Fouling, lowers energy use 10% – 30% on average
  RAPID Cool and RAPID Boil – Water molecule treatment for Chiller and Boilers systems to improve the heat transfer for significantly improved efficiency
  REACT Chip – HVAC Energy Control Chip that optimizes cycle time and reduces energy consumption



Each of these winners has been branded under the RAISE – Energy Reduction Portfolio umbrella and is available directly from RAISE or through our channel partners.

How RAISE Energy works is we seek out, vet, incubate, test, and certify technologies and solutions that are best-in-class in reducing energy use or creating clean energy. We are technology agnostic – our only goal is to find the best solutions and partner with the winning innovators or manufacturers to apply the RAISE brand to these solutions. This insures our channel partners that they can be confident that their clients will be getting superior, long-term solutions.

When RAISE (Responsible Alliance In Social Enterprise) formed RAISE Energy and our innovation branch, we were determined to make a difference in the world concerning energy reduction and energy generation for commercial applications. For 5 years we have sought out solutions to bring to market that have a measured impact and fast ROI so that corporations, communities, and countries can add value by reducing energy costs, carbon emissions, and long term maintenance.

Our products are sold through ESCO’s, Facilities Managers, Energy Engineers, Agents, Dealers, and Distributors worldwide. We take a holistic approach so we bring products to market to reduce electricity and fuel consumption relating to Lighting, HVACR, Chiller Systems, Boiler Systems, Furnaces, building envelope, and transportation. In addition we strive to purify and conserve water and waste.



What is RAISE?

RAISE is a company that believes that big global challenges can be solved through good business that pays as much attention to PURPOSE and it does to PROFITS. It is a movement to bring sustainable solutions for the purpose of building healthy, prosperous, and productive communities through a holistic, fully integrated model.

At RAISE Energy Solutions, we have a goal of solving two problems. The first is to reduce the energy wasted by 75% of the world’s population. The second is to delivery energy solutions to the 25% of the world’s population that has no energy.


New Business Model

Because of this sustainable business model, RAISE ENERGY has been given favor to do business with countries and corporations globally who see a holistic approach to energy; reduction first, then generation, with the ultimate result to aid humanity as a game-changer. With the RAISE ENERGY model, everybody wins!

  • We discover, incubate, and deliver state of the art, best in class, disruptive technologies.
  • These technologies are groundbreaking, world changing, and address all areas of energy conservation, generation, storage, distribution, and carbon reduction.
  • Through global strategic alliances, business deals, and trade partnerships with businesses, governments, and non-profit groups, we are able to catapult great ideas to very profitable enterprise.
  • In turn, these efforts allow us to gift energy and energy services to those who need it most.



Innovation Incubator

Our innovation incubator is dedicated to partnering with the brilliant minds of inventors and innovators to bring their solutions to the marketplace.



Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach to energy efficiency begins with energy reduction and includes generation, storage, and distribution. Reduction delivers the shortest ROI and reduces the hurdles for future energy production and storage projects.



Gift Energy

GiftAt RAISE Energy, we are socially responsible at our core and conduct our business practices as such based on our strong mission and values. We are rooted in social impact that both educates people about their power usage, energy saving, and the newest technologies and delivers energy products and services to those that have none.