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About Us

RAISE Energy Solutions™ (RAISE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of RAISE Global Services, LLC, based in Atlanta, Georgia. RAISE is an incubator, manufacturer, and integrator of intelligent LED lighting, innovative energy efficiency products, renewable power generation, and energy storage technologies.

RAISE takes a holistic approach to energy, focusing on energy reduction first, then integrating appropriate power generation, storage and distribution, while always achieving maximum efficiencies with a maximum ROI. Focused on total energy solutions for corporations, communities, and countries, RAISE serves a global market and provides measurable CO2 reduction goals substantiated by certified carbon credits. In addition, RAISE is a social impact company contributing a percentage of profits and expertise to help people that are in need enjoy the gift of energy.

And as important as the profits and the reduction in carbon footprints, is the give back. RAISE Energy is socially responsible at its core and conducts its business practices as such based on our strong mission and values. RAISE Energy™ contributes a percentage of profits to help people at home and abroad become more energy efficient. In some countries, electricity is turned off by 6 P.M. and hospitals are left without power. In other countries, power constantly flickers on and off, sometimes up to six times an hour, decreasing productivity and endangering those in need. By purchasing through RAISE Energy™, you save money, save the planet, and benefit someone else.

RAISE Energy Solutions

Raise (Responsible Alliance In Social Enterprise), is a movement to bring sustainable solutions for the purpose of building healthy, prosperous, and productive communities through a holistic, fully integrated model.

RAISE Energy Solutions is the NEW BUSINESS MODEL!

  • We discover, incubate, and deliver state of the art, best in class, disruptive technologies
  • These technologies are groundbreaking, world changing, and address all areas of energy conservation generation, storage, and distribution
  • Through global strategic alliances, business deals, and trade partnerships with businesses, governments, and non-profit groups, we are able to catapult great ideas to very profitable enterprise
  • In turn, these efforts allows for tremendous give backs to those in need

Holistic Solutions

Our approach focuses on all stages and aspects of energy efficiency and allows us to provide holistic solutions.

We have multiple solutions for each area of energy efficiency.

    • LED Lighting
    • Restore1030™
    • Refresh Auto
    • Smart Cycle Chip HVAC Control
    • AirFilters
    • Solar
    • Natural Gas
    • Bio Mass
    • Wind
    • Hybrid System
    • Utility Sized Lithium Battery Packs
    • National grid evaluation and enhancements
    • Stand alone Nano and Micro Grid Development
    • Carbon Footprint Assessment
    • Carbon Reduction Goals
    • Measurement
    • GAAP & IFRS Certified Carbon Credits/Financial Assets

Our Engagement Process

Our process builds solutions based on a unique needs and delivers a range of benefits.

Innovation Incubator

Our innovation incubator is dedicated to partnering with the brilliant minds of inventors and innovators to bring their solutions to the marketplace.

  • We bring all the key components that will take their innovative success to a place of global significance under the RAISE Global umbrella.
  • Our brand, our network of channel partners, government relationships, and manufacturers, alongside our global marketing, sales, and financial team, propel great ideas into commercially viable realities.
  • We currently have several innovators with game-changing technologies in our incubator poised for bringing their technology in the energy market.