RAISE MAXIM Sun - Solar Generation System

  • Uses leading edge 18%- 22% efficiency cells in both traditional and flexible formats.
  • Beats the industry average of 14% - 16% for traditional solar.
  • This increases the power output and extends the useful daily hours due to the increased light sensitivity.
  • Panel sizes range from 3 watts to 300 watts.

Raise Gas-Fired Power Generation power generation module power plant 15MW

  • Industry leading Natural gas in excess of 45% efficiency
  • Turn-key
  • Easy to permit, ship, install, and maintain
  • Individual REciprical Gensets range in size 20kw to 9700 eke
  • Individual tubine gensets range in size 1.5MW to 27MW
  • Tailored designs for Natural gas, biogas, coal gas, and alternative fuels.
  • Designs deliver, power, heat, or cogeneration
  • Worldwide service and support

RAISE MAXIM Biomass - Biomass to Power Generation

  • This system generates 65% hydrogen output, which is 5 times that of our competitors.
  • We can produce more power out of less biomass, MAXIMizing natural resources.
  • Trash and agricultural products can be used as biomass feedstock. We can process up to 45% water content.
  • Biomass power generation is set to double in the next 15 years creating a huge market opportunity.

Video: RAISE MAXIM Biomass Technology

RAISE MAXIM Breeze - Wind Power Generation System

  • RAISE MAXIM Breeze operates at 50% efficiency.
  • Almost 2.5 times the electricity output of Horizontal Propeller Wind turbines operate at an estimated 17% efficiency.

RAISE Maxim Hybrid Systems

  • Integrate various power generation options (solar, biomass, natural gas, hydrogen) with energy storage technologies
  • Utility sized Grid-tied and standalone micro grid systems
  • Design, develop, install and operate
  • Energy storage utilizing lithium battery technologies