Balconies, Windows, Gates, Walls, Porches, Passages, Alleys, Pavilions, Buildings, Block, Entrances, Driveways, Outdoor Decoration, Country Lanes, and all other areas where electricity is inconvenient but sunlight is abundant.

Installation Instructions

1. Drill two holes of 6mm diameter at the desired place. Keep 118 mm distance between the two holes, 2-4m height from the ground.

2. Insert two expansion plugs into the holes.

3. Inert a screw to the lower expansion plug. Leaving a little space, insert the striped groove into the screw groove and affix.

4. Straighten the whole lamp and fasten the upper screw.

5. Switch the lamp on using the provided Unlock Pin and activate its protection circuit by facing the solar panel toward sunlight. The lamp will then light up in inductive working mode.

  • Product Specifications:

    LEDs: SMD2835 / 10pcs
    CCT: 3000K-6000K
    Lumens: 200lm
    Solar Panel: 0.8W / Monocrystalline Silicon
    Battery Capacity: 3.7V / 1200mAh / 2000mAh / Lithium Battery
    Induction Angle/Distance: 120 degree / 2m-6m
    Induction Delay Time: 10S
    Mounting Height: 2m-4m
    Working Time: When battery is fully charged, lamp can work 4-7 days continously.
    Dimensions: 152*96*83.4mm