Energy Savings Delivered

RAPIDBOIL™ and RAPIDCHILL™ work in any boiler or chiller system and can deliver real energy savings regardless of building size. Our team of experienced advisers will ensure the correct dosage is installed; optimizing product performance and maximizing savings.

We have many successful case studies covering a multitude of different areas of application from single occupancy residencies to large commercial properties. Please contact us for case studies most relevant to your system.

A Real Energy Saving Solution
to Improve Boiler and Chiller System Efficiency

RAPIDBOIL™ and RAPIDCHILL™ are energy saving additives which can be installed into any wet boiler or chiller system. Water is used in heating and cooling systems because it is cost effective and readily available, however in reality water alone is not the most efficient transporter of heat. RAPIDBOIL™ and RAPIDCHILL™ improve the heat transfer properties of the water resulting in a significant effect on the overall system efficiency.

Modern boilers and chillers are often marketed on their stand-alone efficiency, but not how they operate as part of a complete system. In fact, inefficiencies within a whole system (e.g. sizing of radiators/air handling units, oversized boilers, long pipe runs, etc) cause the boiler or chiller to overwork. RAPIDBOIL™ and RAPIDCHILL™ reduce this overwork by reaching the desired temperature quicker, then maintaining it for longer.

RAPIDBOIL™ and RAPIDCHILL™ have been independently proven to use up to 15% less fuel to maintain the same temperature levels as water alone.

RAPIDBOIL™ and RAPIDCHILL™ are produced in the UK and have been successfully installed into thousands of commercial and domestic locations across Europe.


  • Energy saving additives for commercial boiler and chiller systems proven to save up to 15%.
  • Independently tested and proven by leading R&D company: Enertek International.
  • Proven to be non-corrosive and works with all brands of inhibitors. Easy 1% system dosage.
  • Works in any closed loop boiler or chiller system.
  • 100% organic with low carbon footprint and high carbon reduction potential.