Paybacks: 89 days to 2 years (or less). The equipment is sized by the OD/ID of the fuel line, NOT the size of the equipment, nearest to combustion, after filters and pump (that way pressure/flow are never compromised). There are 13 model/sizes. Dramatic fuel reductions mean fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Exactly how the device works is a closely-held trade secret. Developed by a physicist/ electrical engineer, the device has proven effective in numerous applications and with various fuel types, bio-fuels, natural gas, coal, etc. Nominated several times for their energy efficiency award and published paper with The Alliance to Save Energy.


NO moving parts, NOT magnets, NOT a catalyst, Nothing to wear out/replace, NO maintenance ever, NO regeneration, Aircraft welded, etc. Will clean existing carbon scale buildups, can be switched from old equipment to replacement equipment. 1 year absolute minimum guarantee of savings (6%), 10 year product warranty, material is 304L stainless steel (life of 80 yrs) and has never failed to produce results when done by its instructions. LEED-EB accepted technology. FAA, Purdue Univ. Aeronautical School & Oracle Air Motive R&D: if it’s good enough to install in the Univ. aircrafts, it’s good enough for your equipment!


  1. Calf Air Resource board (CARB – D-612)
  2. EPA (pages 4, 10 and 14)
  3. Air Pollution Testing Inc. – Colo. (Duke Energy & State of Wyoming) (Reduced GHG 96%), and natural gas fuel savings of 18%
  4. State Vehicle Inspection Analyses: Colorado – New Jersey – New York DEP
  5. Indiana Dept. of Transportation (State School Traffic Safety Div.)
  6. FAA, Purdue Univ. Aeronautical School along with Oracle Air Motive R & D. (we’re the only device to pass stringent testing protocol of FAA)
  7. US Army – Picatinny Arsenal, NJ.
  8. Mechanical Faculty (Technical Univ. Cluj, Romania)
  9. Beijing Univ.- Dyno test, July 6, 2015 (50% less emissions in 30 hrs)



  • East Chicago School System: Natl Gas savings at 18%, Oil savings at 27% + boiler efficiency increased 6.6%.
  • US DEPT HUD: Main bldg. 25% fuel savings, emissions reduced 73%, Avg’d ROI 991%, 89 day payback.
  • Duke Energy: Ind. Lab for state of Wyoming, verified results at 18% NG savings and NOX reduction at 96%.
  • Habitat for Humanity/RO: 21% fuel savings in 30 days.
  • Kean Univ: 4 months = 26% fuel savings, 74% less emissions.
  • Verizon: 31% fuel savings, boiler efficiency increased 22% & 40%.
  • Georgia Chattahoocia Indl Railroad: Reduced CO2 – 99.76%, CO – 96.55% and NOx 85.45% + fuel savings 19%.
  • Refuse carting Co – NYC: City = 11% fuel savings.. over the road to transfer station in PA. 31% in 30 days.
  • FAA & Purdue Univ. Aeronautical School: 20% averaged fuel savings, emissions reduced 73%. If it’s good enough for an aircraft… it’s good enough for your equipment!