REFRESH AC AUTO™ increases Auto A/C efficiency by optimizing the system in 3 distinct ways.

  1. Removal and permanent prevention of oil-fouling: This removal restores the 20-30% loss in heat transfer capability. PTFE (Teflon) is then permanently, mechanically bonded to the system interior to prevent future oil-fouling.
  2. Refrigerant evaporates or “boils” more quickly: This, combined with the removal of oil-fouling results in a 73% improvement in heat transfer capability.
  3. Increased lubricity boosts the compressor oil’s performance: There is less wear and tear, extended equipment life, and reduced maintenance. And the tenacious bond actually keeps the friction reducing properties even when the oil is not present.


REFRESH AC AUTO™ has numerous, significant improvements and benefits

System Improvements:

  • Eliminates and Prevents Oil Fouling
  • Increases Refrigerant Flow
  • Increases Heat Transfer
  • Improves Pool Boiling
  • Cleans and coats friction bearing surfaces


  • Colder Air and Increased Comfort
  • Faster Cabin Cool Down
  • Reduced Fuel Use
  • Quieter Compressor Operation
  • Extended Compressor Life
  • Reduced Environmental Impact

REFRESH AC AUTO™ is the ONLY next generation PROA

REFRESH AC AUTO™ Unique Features

  • Contains no corrosive or combustible ingredients such as chlorine, sulfur, chloro-wax, solids, or formaldehyde etc. – ingredients that remove the fouling by harsh solvent action
  • Removes oil-fouling in a completely benign manner without introducing any destructive ingredients into treated systems
  • Creates a permanent mechanical bond to prevent future oil-fouling for the life of the system
  • Circulates nano-particles in the refrigerant that act as nuclei to accelerate pool boiling
  • Has been developed over the past 8 years and there has never been one registered complaint from a manufacturer or end-user customer


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