RAISE MAXIM Storage90 - storage and distribution unit

  • Operates at over 90% charge/discharge cycle efficiency
  • Operates to 80%+ Depth of Drain with no damage to cycle life
  • High C-Rate capacities for maximum peak Amperage discharging
  • Leading edge Lithium Iron Phospate (LiFePO4) chemistries for maximum safety and stability
  • Battery management system maximizes individual battery cell performance and cycle life
  • Interfaces with all RAISE Energy power generation systems
  • Systems range in sizes from 2kw for small home systems to 5 MW for utility sized grid-tied systems
  • Applications include primary power generation and peak utility rate power shaving
  • Power can be stored and used at the source of use and does not have to be transmitted over power lines.

RAISE Grid and MicroGrid Power Distribution Services

  • Evaluate current system designs and capacities
  • Design and develop any necessary enhancements for proper sizing and delivery
  • Installation and support services for Distribution system operations
  • Sizes range from standalone home nano grids, individual campus,neighborhood micro grids, and city, state, and national grid platforms