LED… What makes RAISE Energy LED Technology Exceptional?

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LED should be the first place that any organization chooses to lower energy costs and reduce carbon emissions, that is why we at RAISE took 4 years to develop the winners in our LED Lighting portfolio.

The first thing we did was meet with Global 500 clients to determine what the industry needed and we have achieved that goal.

Here is the list of goals for commercial lighting clients and a brief description of how RAISE Energy has engineered, tested, and certified to exceed their expectations.

Goal #1 – Energy Savings

RAISE Energy has excelled at maximizing light output for the lowest wattage, the goal being to maximize energy reduction. For example, our new T300° ™ T8 LED 4ft is only 12 watts with 1800 lumens per watt light output saving clients 62.5% on their energy use, roughly a 20% savings over comparable product in the market today. We will work hard to continuously push down the wattage used in our technology.

Goal #2- Quality of light

RAISE Energy knows it’s all about the brightness and the color. I addressed the brightness above when I talked about the lumens per watt, but I also want to talk about color. Color is all about the quality of chips. This is a big deal. We choose the chips that go into our products and do not let our manufacturers choose from bins. That way we know that on any given shipment the exact same color will be delivered. In fact, one of our clients wants a custom color for a very large project and we delivered EXACTLY the color they needed “Delta Blue”.

Goal #3– Variety and custom products if necessary

Every business is unique and every business has unique lighting needs. RAISE Energy prides itself on being the solution to all of those needs. One client of ours here in Atlanta, Hartsfield Jackson Airport, was built over a period of several decades so there are a large variety of fixtures all over the various concourses, tunnels, jetways, hangars, and large public areas. There is no budget in place to change out fixtures and maintenance plus power costs were running high changing old fluorescent and HID lamps. RAISE Energy pulled every lamp and fixture from the airport and built an LED replacement lamp, many were custom made.

  • Plug n’ Play Ballast Compatible Tubes and Plug Lamps
  • Street Lights/Parking Lights
  • High Bay Lights
  • Panel Lights
  • Canopy Lights
  • Wallpacks
  • Plug lamps
  • Series A
  • Flood Lamps

Goal #4– Cost/ROI

Cost may be the single biggest priority. How about an ROI of less than 12 months? That’s our goal and if it is humanly possible, we meet that goal.

Goal #5- Compatibility

Lighting has to work with control systems and other power generation sources. That is why our LEDs are compatible with the world’s most popular dimming protocols and our standalone Street and Parking Area Lighting upgradable to be off-grid solar powered

Goal #6– Warranty

RAISE Energy commercial LED products are warranted for 50,000 to 80,000 hours. And as we continue to lower lumens per watt, we are also on the leading edge of driving the length of the warranty to 100,000 and beyond.

So, we met and exceeded lighting goals established by our clients and are committed to ensuring that RAISE Energy products will always be best in class as we challenge innovators to bring solutions to continue bettering our product portfolio.

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