Watt Matters Most ™

Do you want a fundraising program that creates a better and safer learning environment, demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability, and leaves a legacy for your community?

Introducing Watt Matters Most ™ - our innovative program that provides greater impact for your school. We’re here to help your school handle everything and provide you with a complete solution that creates a win-win for everyone and makes a significant, measurable impact on our environment.

Create a safer learning environment :

Fluorescent lighting may do more harm than good. Studies have found that some reading difficulties as well as academic underachievement may be related to fluorescent lighting.

  • Fluorescent lighting may trigger headaches, migraines, ADD, ADHD, and other physical symptoms. For more information about the effects of lighting on health. Learn more.
  • Fluorescent lighting is especially harmful to children who are on the autism spectrum. The buzzing and flickering of fluorescent lights in the classroom, the gym, and the hallways can be debilitating. For more information about the effects of lighting on autism. Learn more.
  • For more information on the effects of Lighting on ADD, Click Here.

Save money for your school:

Lighting costs comprise about 30-50% of your school’s power bill. Switching to LED’s can cut your lighting costs up to 60%. This could amount to thousands of dollars of savings per month for your school.

Remove hazardous materials:

Fluorescent lighting, when broken, emits mercury which is harmful to our health and to the environment. What happens to the old hazardous fluorescent bulbs when you convert to LED? We help you recycle the fluorescent bulbs, removing hazardous materials from site.

Less impact on the environment:

LEDs use much less energy than fluorescents which will lower your school’s carbon footprint.

In effect, we help reduce your carbon emissions, and by recycling, this process provides a learning tool for your students to learn many facets of environmental impact.

Leave a legacy:

While many fundraising campaigns do great things, they are normally one and done. With Watt Matters Most, our bulbs have a 5 year warranty and their continual energy savings will help your school, your community, and our environment for years to come.

Is it hard to convert to LED?

With our Plug N Play LED tube series, there is no modification needed for fixtures since our tubes with work with existing fluorescent magnetic and electronic ballasts. Re doing your school’s lighting is as simple and unplugging your fluorescent tubes and plugging in RAISE LEDs.

How it Works: It’s Simple!

Raise Energy Solutions will come in and assess your school lighting needs then choose which option works best for you.

But there’s more!

It’s bigger than a light bulb - the more watts you cut, the more energy we will give to those in need. In impoverished communities, light bulbs can save lives. They can keep life saving surgeries going. They can keep the lights on for children to do their homework or for a family to have a meal together. They can reduce the cost of power, allowing extra money to be used for basic necessities. In Africa, families can spend as much as 30 percent of their income on kerosene lamps that are nothing more than a tin can and an open flame.

Watt Matters Most™ to you?

To find out more about our company’s model and vision, please visit our corporate website.

For more information email us at info@raiseenergysolutions.com